Thursday, 22 March 2012



Ko Patrick taku ingoa
Abera toku ingoa whanau
E iwa oku tau
Ko Abera toku matua
Ko Ruta toku whaea
Ko Tekinene raua
Ko Katarake oku koro
Ko Tora raua
Ko Karaise oku koro
Ko Jackson toku hoa
Ko Shepherd toku mokai
He pango makawe
No Kiribati ahau
Ko Mount Wellington te maunga
He pango oku whata

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dr Ben Carson Trip

Hooray!!!! Tuesday the 6th of March, the whole entire senior school went to the Dr Ben Carson’s. We felt  excited to meet Dr Ben Carson.  Their were  lots of schools that were going to meet Dr Ben Carson.  First we had to sing the Duffy song suddenly Dr Ben Carson’s friend Henry.  It was funny how he told us a story about a women with big juju lips, brown eyes, long blond hair and big black eyebrows.  After that we were excited because Dr Ben Carson finally get to come out and talk to all of us but, then Henry said we had to sing the Duffy song.  Every body cheered when Dr Ben Carson get to speak to us.  After that long speech we all felt tired.  Finally we get to have lunch.  For lunch we had a energy drink that was Up and Go the flavours were chocolate and raspberry and had a apple.  Later on we all went on the bus and got our way back to school and played for a while.  Wow that was one extremely cool trip.