Thursday, 28 August 2014

Independent Writing Wk 6

I remember as if it was yesterday when my dad told me and my brothers that we can go and watch the Blues vs Chiefs live on a Saturday night. Well that was a very special day to me because it was my birthday. I had played at Eden Park playing against team called Western Marist. They were a really good team because they knew the basics really well. We waited to hear who was the player of the day, and it was Jackson (my team) and Brock (Western Marist). I felt like I didn’t play my best, but when I got back home my dad said I played well. Now I feel like I played a good game!

Telling Where

Walking across the beach waiting for the waves to make a beat. Feeling the cool breeze from the tall trees. And swimming in the ice-cold water.

Rugby Explanation


Rugby is a game that everybody can play. You can become fit and improve your skills by playing this game. For me I think that rugby is my ‘thing’ in life. I play for the Auckland University Rugby Football Club, we have lost plenty of games but we tried. In our season we have 1 more game left and were gonna give all we have.

The rules in attacking are that you can’t fend the opponent in the face and neck. If you do you will get a yellow card and be sitting in the bench for quite a while. When you're defending you can’t do shoulder charges and high tackles, you have to tackle below the nipples, and when there’s a ruck you can't come in from the sides, you have to come right through the middle, but in rugby we call it the gate.

There you know the rules. My favourite rugby player is Ma’a Nonu and my favourite team is the Blues. Why do I like Ma’a Nonu? Ma’a Nonu has great techniques in playing rugby, and is great at setting up tries. He plays for the Blues in the Super Fifteen Tournaments and plays for the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup.

I hope you have learnt how to play rugby. Rugby is a friendly game. Hope you have learnt the rules in rugby. It is my favourite sport, and Ma’a is my favourite player.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Split Strategy

This is my Showme, I used to share my thinking. I used the split strategy to answer this question.