Monday, 24 March 2014

Galliopoli - The War Against Turkey - By Patrick

Event: Gallipoli and ANZAC & the AIE

What it commemorates: The commemorate was the death of many people that went to fight for their country

Start and end dates:
January 1916
25th April 1915
Where the event took place: Turkey, Egypt

Who was involved: George Bollinger, ANZAC, Ottoman Empire, NZEF

Causes of the event: The event was caused by a war

Effects of the event: Death was caused by a lot of people that were there fighting for their country

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Festival Of Education By Patrick

 Today I have made it in the Festival of Education.
I have taken three photos of the places I have explored.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Fog Poem - By Patrick

The wind is like a jaguar hunting
and searching for a juicy deer.
It sits stealthily and looks
over the tall dry grass.

Looking with it’s hungry eyes.

Maths: Patrick

This is my maths. My L.I was on transformation - that means slides turns and flips.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Chalk And Dye artwork By Patrick

I am a seashell: Patrick

I am a Bouncy Ball

L.l.   Literary devices: Simile and Personification
Parts of speech: Adjectives

I am a bouncy ball that was created for kids to kick. I am sad and bruised and crying deep tears. I am great at floating but terrible at swimming. When it turns dark I am left outside scared and in fear. I’m dirty and ugly waiting to be washed.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Patrick: Rich Task

Rich Task

1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four
5. Five
6. Six
7. Seven
8. Eight
9. Nine
10. Ten

+ Addition
- Subtraction
x multiplication
÷ Division
1- Teuana
2- Uoua
3- Teniua
4- Aua
5- Nimaua
6- Onoua
7- Itiua
8- Waniua
9- Ruaiua
10- Tebwina

+ Naba
- Anai
x Kamaiti

1- Ter
2- Kee
3- Ther   
4- Lwee
5- Yeh
6- Hku
7- Nwee
8- Hkaw
9- Kwee
10- Ta Hsee
+ Karen.png
- Karen.png
x   Karen #1.png
÷ Karen #2.png

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Patrick: Todays Number

Today’s Number:
Write it in words
one hundred and thirty six
Write it as an expanded number 100 + 30+ 6
Add 3 139
+ 25 161
Subtract 5 131
- 17 119
Next 3 even numbers 138, 140 and 142
Double it 272
Last 4 odd numbers 135, 133, 131 and 129
Half of it 68
10% of it is 13.6
25% of it is 34
⅓ of it is 45
Multiply by 6 816
x by 4 544
Divide by 4 34

÷ by 6 22.6

Here is my today number our number was, 136

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Place Value Games: Patrick

Our focus this unit has been on place value
This is the game I played to work on my
place value.
Its called rockets.
I needed to know my thousands, hundred, tens and ones

My Xtra Maths Results By Patrick

This is my Xtra Maths results I have scored me 73 out of 100 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Xtra Maths Results By Patrick

This is my xtra maths results I have scored 35 I thought I could get more but the max was 35