Thursday, 28 March 2013

Friday, 22 March 2013

My Results On Xtra Maths By Patrick

This is my results on XtraMaths I think I needed to work on nothing I have moved to minus

Dear Greenpeace Drama By Patrick

This is my Greenpeace Drama. I was Emily the little girl that was so excited that there was a whale in my backyard. .I think I need to work on my action cause on the book Emily wasn't sleeping. Oh S'mar was Greenpeace and he was the one that asked me lot of questions like I cant feed a Blue Whale crushed corn flakes and bread crumbs. John was the reporter and Raymond was the camera guy.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

This Is My Results On Xtra Maths

This time I need to work on my 7s & 8s I getting better with my 7s this time

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My Results On Study ladder

This is my results on study ladder we had to do this because we are learning hundreds and tens on studyladder.

My Results On Xtra Maths

I think that I need to work on my 9s this time know I have improved my 7s and 8s

My Time At Eastern Beach

Our School Picnic At Eastern Beach

It was a boiling hot sunny day. That I felt like I was walking on boiling hot lava. The winds breeze could not be felt. It was Monday, March the 4th and we were all excited as we were going to Eastern Beach. We left the school at 9:15am in the morning.
The whole entire school went with the parent helpers, teachers and teacher aides.

We had to line up to get ourselves counted by Miss Paton. Finally we went in the buses. We sat in the first bus but we had share our seat with the juniors. The class was squashed like 10 people in a bed. When the school arrived the juniors were so excited that they just jumped out of their seats as fast as they could.

When we went out of the bus and lined up we saw Miss Nichol.  We all had to be in our lines and we had to know what would happen. Mrs Kelly was our doctor.  Thomas’s Dad Mr Grady was the person that helped the year 7s & 8s at Kayaking. It looked very hard to paddle. We waited for 20 minutes. We played some rugby like a pack of  bulls. We also played volleyball and cricket.

Finally the 20 minutes were finished when I went in the water. I felt like I was walking in the Arctic.  I was freezing but I stayed long enough in the water  to get used to the coldness. Our 20 minutes was up so the Seniors got out of the water and changed into their dried clothes. It was the Juniors turn to swim. After that I played cricket with Raymond. It was a good. It was the whole school’s turn to swim. After all that we all packed our things and then we lined up to go back to school. Then we all went in the buses. The entire school was very tired after a day out at Eastern Beach.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

My Results On Xtra Math

This is my results on Xtra maths I think I need to work on 7s again

Castle In Our Backyard By Patrick

I'm great at freeze fames
I'm learning to stay still on my mimed action

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My Results On Are You A Magician

My Results On Are You A Maths Magician

My Retelling Of Little Red riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood story

Once upon a time there was a girl that lived in a cottage named Little Red Riding Hood. She lived with her mother in a cottage like the Seven Dwarfs near Bunny Woods but she had never seen a bunny.
Little Red Riding Hood loved her coat so much  it was a very special treasure to her because her grandma had knitted it.
One sunny afternoon Little Red Riding Hood was told to give these yummy tarts to her Granny. Her mother asked her, “Little Red Riding Hood could you please take these tarts to Granny?”. “Okay” “but you're not allowed to talk to any strangers” said her mother.
Out went Red on her way, to Bunny Woods. Little Red Riding Hood bumped into  the hairy wolf.
“Hey I’ll tell your Grandma that you're on your way to her cottage”. But the hairy wolf took a shortcut. He didn’t want to gobble Little Red Riding Hood because the wood cutter would be able to hear her scream.
Finally the wolf found Grandma’s cottage there he knocked on the door. “Who is it?”. “It’s me” answered the hairy wolf who disguised his voice as Little Red Riding Hood. “The keys are on the door” replied  Grandma. He opened the door “Ahhh” screamed Grandma. The hairy wolf swallowed her from head to toe. He disguised himself as grandma.
Knock, knock, knock. “Who is it that?” the wolf asked. “Little Red Riding Hood” “the doors unlocked” the wolf said in an old ladies voice. The door opened, Little Red Riding Hood was about to give the tarts to the grandma but she realised something was wrong. “What hairy arms you have”  “they are to hug you with my sweetheart”said the wolf “what big ears you have”, “all the better to hear you with my darling”, “what big teeth you have grandma” “its all the better to eat you up with”. Out jumped the wolf with anger and gobbled Little Red Riding hood, head to toe. The wolf was so full that he fell asleep on grannies bed.
A couple of minutes later the wood cutter walked past whistling, he could heard snoring “thats weird” said the wood cutter. So he sneaked in and he said “There you are I’ve been looking for you big bad wolf”. Then he cut his stomach open and there was Little Red Riding Hood and granny.  Little Red Riding Hood gave granny the tarts and they all lived happily ever after.

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Third 10 students

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Second 10 Students

First 10 Students

My Bulls Eye Challenge By Patrick

On Friday we went out to play Bulls Eye it was a fantastic time we all had a great day we all tried to shoot the Bulls Eye Thomas and San Tat had a tie with 40 but Thomas was the closest to the Bulls Eye. Cyprus had the most point witch was 58 and Harry had the lowest score it was really hard trying to get the Bulls Eye we all were concentrating to get the Bulls Eye.

My Reflection Of My Personal Timeline

I found making a personal timeline hard because we had to try and remember the past of our childhood and what we have done ever since we were babies till now.

 I learnt that there is a beginning year a centre and a end year also the centre year is the half year of what you have been going through your life. 

 Next time I would try to finish my work in time that is given and differently next time I need to try and think about putting my months and year.