Monday, 24 March 2014

Galliopoli - The War Against Turkey - By Patrick

Event: Gallipoli and ANZAC & the AIE

What it commemorates: The commemorate was the death of many people that went to fight for their country

Start and end dates:
January 1916
25th April 1915
Where the event took place: Turkey, Egypt

Who was involved: George Bollinger, ANZAC, Ottoman Empire, NZEF

Causes of the event: The event was caused by a war

Effects of the event: Death was caused by a lot of people that were there fighting for their country

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Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, I really like all the information you have found from your research. Just remember that when you present your information it might make sense to you as your familiar with it but that isn't the case for everyone. Just be careful in future how you lay out your work for example you said "Start and end dates: January 1916, 25th April 1915, 1916-18. That doesn't quiet make sense. Just remember to put things in order so it will read as 25th April 1915, January 1916, 1916,1918. Keep up the good work and wonderful researching!

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