Monday, 17 February 2014

Why Do We Celebrate Waitangi Day? By Patrick

Why Do We Celebrate Waitangi Day?

Why do we celebrate Waitangi Day you ask? Well I’m just about to tell you why, we celebrate Waitangi day to remember the day when the Maori chiefs
and England signed the treaty of Waitangi on the 6th of February 1974. William Hobson signed the treaty
for England and Maori chiefs signed it as well. The treaty was signed in front of James Busby’s house.

On Waitangi day people around New Zealand have a public holiday named Waitangi Day and that means everyone has a day of work and school, well some take a day off work. On Waitangi Day I went to the pools and I saw San Tat at the pools swimming with his brothers. We waited for a couple of hours and then we ate a lot of food yummy.

!Celebrate! !Waitangi! !Day!

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