Thursday, 10 July 2014

Patrick's Holiday Reading - Rewrite The Ending

Title-  Dinosaur Rescue Velocithcy-Raptor.
Author-Kyle Mewburn
Type Of Book- Adventure

Arg found a perfect pile of poo for his paint. He found
himself a beautiful bright coloured bluish poo. He said
to himself, this is a perfect colour for his paint of a Velociraptor
and his adventure he spent with one.   

I think my end is better because I summarised mainly

the whole chapter into a short sentence of paragraphs


Ms. Kirkpatrick said...

That's an interesting image a dinosaur painting with bright blue poo! Did you enjoy this story?

Saruja said...

Hi Patrick
I think this book and the image is interesting.
Did you enjoy your holiday by reading these books.
From Saruja.
Keep up the great work and have a great holiday.

Kahlista @ Panmure Bridge said...

Hi Patrick,
This sounds like an interesting story about poo.

Isabella said...

Hi Patrick

I thought that you ending was very interesting. This sounds like a interesting book to read and others will like it because it would be very funny.

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