Thursday, 25 September 2014

Birthday (food)


Birthdays are really traditional to people. Everybody can celebrate birthdays because it’s celebrating the day the person was born. I was born on May the 5th 2003 so, I celebrate my birthday on May the 5th every year. This is what my family does to celebrate my birthday.

Birthdays are really traditional in my family because we celebrate the day that person was born. We have a really big celebration. We always have delicious barbecue chicken, sausage, and some cake. My mum always use dark and light soya sauce because she thinks it will bring all the flavour out. We always forget to invite our relatives but we always have someone to tell us.

One of my favourite part of my birthday is having cake, my favourite cakes are strawberry with chocolate coating and coffee cake. I have always had strawberry cake with chocolate coating for most of my birthdays. I always go first to get it because I am the birthday boy.

If you have a birthday happening and someone puts you down when you were born it doesn't matter what they think its your birthday be proud. My favourite thing I like to do during my birthday is spend a lot of time with my family.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful paragraph writing Patrick. Strawberry chocolate cake would have to be one of my favoruite kinds of cakes too. You are very lucky.

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