Monday, 13 October 2014

My Worst Mistake I have Ever Done

The worst mistake I have ever done is steal chocolate from my mum and I’m going to tell all about it.

The worst mistake I have ever done is sneaking two chocolate from my mom's purse. It was a block dairy milk chocolate, it looked delicious, the problem was that I was really hungry and had nothing to eat, so I went for it I went to sneak the chocolate but the problem was that my mom's purse was in the centre of her arm, I didn’t care because I was really hungry, sneaked the funny thing is that she didn’t know. I munched on the whole chocolate bar. Yummmy......

There was one more block of chocolate left, my mouth was drooling to eat it but I felt guilty about it I looked at my mum and she was searching through the bag for the chocolate but couldn’t find it. It was pretty funny that she failed to find it. I was ready to face the consequences, so I returned the last piece of chocolate. I had no consequence all she did was say “Thank you”.
I felt better after don't know why but I felt really happy that I returned it

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Anonymous said...

I like your sense of humor Patrick. Very funny story. I hope you didnt really steal chocolate from your mum without asking.

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