Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Holiday Recount By Patrick

My Holiday Recount

During my amazing holiday the Seventh-Day Adventist Pathfinder club had the opportunity to do Archery. Air Rifling and other type of sports started at 1:00pm and I thought it was going to be fun.

The thing that we had to do was do some class work with our teacher before doing all of those sports.  We had to do other activities until 1:00pm. What we had to do before doing all those is that we had to do some class work with our teacher. What we did is that we explored the place just for natural things.

The time finally came when we got to do Archery and Air Rifle. The first thing we had to do is that we needed to listen to the rules of Air Rifling and Archery. Straight after that we quickly went into groups our teachers setted us.
My group had to do Archery. When we got to the spot where it was set,
we quickly listened to the rules again so we knew what we were doing. Then we quickly got into action, my first try was a lucky shot because I nearly hit the Bullseye. My friend Desmond had a perfect shot because he was the only one who shot it in  the Bullseye. The bell rang and that wasn’t fair because it was just my turn, we had a good time, so we moved over to Air Rifle.

Then we moved to Air Rifling awesome!!. There we listened to the rules again, finally we had the chance to do it but we had to do the things to make the mini bullet go into the hole. We had to break it, cock it then load it I thought they were weird names for reloading and we had 3 turns each. Action time yes, my first shot was very luck because I shot the little baby zombie witch was the hardest one. Then we had our 2nd and 3rd. My big brothers groups turn they weren't so lucky with the shots but they tried. My groups turn again we went and went and went till the bell rang.

We moved onto our last event the flying fox when we arrived it looked scary going down from the top to the bottom. I had to wait for 3 people to finish, now my turn when they finished doing the belt and things I had a turn on it then we all had a turn and then the bell rang for the last time.

That meant we had to come together and explain what we did and how fun it was.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick

Sounds like you had an adventurous day! Archery, Air riffle shooting and playing on the flying fox all in one afternoon.
I hope you had a good time and lots of fun

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