Tuesday, 9 July 2013

This My Argument On Should Panmure Bridge Have A Cafeteria By Patrick

I believe that schools shouldn't have cafeteria because the food being sold out might be too expensive for the poor.

I believe that we shouldn’t have a cafeteria because of what  food is being sold because they might not cook the food in the right oil and it would be a problem for the students that aren't allowed to eat pork or beef. If you ate the food that you weren't allowed to eat, the parents might get angry at the people that sold the food to their son/daughter and that wouldn’t be good.

To be honest if a cafeteria was selling out food it might too expensive for the poor, they might not be able to afford it. The food being sold out might not be yummy for the students at the school and that would've been a waste of money. The smell and look of the food from the cafeteria might also distract students from doing their work and what they’re told to do,

 The food being sold might not be healthy for the kids at the school. The food being sold out might look very, very yummy but when you taste you might think it tasted like rubbish. The food at the cafeteria might increase obesities.

Those are my main reasons

Overall having a cafeteria might not be the best option because  they might sell foods kids are allergic to, the food might be too expensive for the poor and kids might grow more fatter from the food.
These are my reasons on why Panmure Bridge School should not have a cafeteria.

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